Arm Clinic

This clinic is applicable to – tradespeople, musicians,

anyone working extensively with keyboards, sculptors, and any manual precision vocationalists.

Tendinitis, Frozen Shoulder, Repetitive Strain syndrome and Carpal tunnel problems are related to long hours of manual work. Such conditions start as over use of various muscles and muscular strains, spreading to a more serious muscular pathology.

This clinic aims at giving the arms and hands an ‘M.O.T’ allowing the arm flexor and extensors to regain full muscular contractile ability and strength, and ironing out the tension lines that travel from the hands up the arms to the head.

Neck and shoulder pain often originate from the hands and arms. Long hours of particular postures cause a host of aches and pains – muscular strain, stiffness, nerve impingements, cervical and spinal disc issues; resulting in pain and decreased freedom of movement.

Maintain your ability to work at full power without damaging yourself.

Treatment aims:

Freeing up the muscles of the hands, arms, shoulders, neck and back

Fascial work to prevent vocational postures from becoming permanent

Systematic stretching to restore muscular range of motion and energetic flow

Number of treatments required:

Dependent on the severity of the muscular tension and related conditions. Prevention is the name of the game – If your profession relies on manual labour, look after yourself and have a 2 monthly treatment to keep yourself well and pain free.